• Dear Customer,Per new Income Tax Law nominal/members are subject to TDS deduction on Bank Deposits.To avoid TDS deduction submit form 15G/H yearly,if applicable.

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Internet Banking

Internet banks are accessed via web browsers and mobile apps, providing customers with banking services from any place with access to the internet.


Reserve Bank of India has introduced a system called RTGS /NEFT through which fund transfer would take place among member Banks and financial institutions

SMS Banking

SMS is a service which provides by the Bank to their account holders.Account holder has to register their mobile number in their account details in the Bank.

Saving Account

A savings bank account may be opened in the single name of a minor and may be operated upon by minor, if he/she has completed 10 years.

Current Account

We are member of Deposit insurance in which customers deposits are insured.Applicant will have to take insurance of the building in favour of bank.

Fixed Deposit

Term deposit accounts can be opened with instructions payable to ither or Survivor', payable jointly, payable to any one of the depositors etc.